Pointers from Exterminators: How to Enjoy a Pest-Free Home this Fall

Noticing a single insect or rodent in your home most likely means that an infestation has already taken place. These pests can do an incredible amount of damage in a short period of time, and that is why homeowners should focus on preventing an infestation before they start. Here is a look at some steps that you can take to prevent critters from entering your home and signs that it may be time to contact an experienced exterminator in Fort Wayne for professional services

Inspect Your Property Regularly
The single best thing that homeowners can do to prevent serious infestations is to inspect their property as often as possible. Not only should you be looking for signs of an infestation, but you should also look for any standing water, food sources, and structural issues that will make your home inviting to bugs and rodents. Some issues that you should keep an eye out for include dark smears on the ground, droppings, gnaw marks, holes in wood, holes in the ground, and damaged food packages.

Seal Off Entry Points
The first suggestion that many Fort Wayne exterminators will make is to seal off entry points so pests cannot enter the home at all. This can typically be done with clear sealant or caulking and should take no more than a few hours to complete. The most important area to inspect is where the foundation meets the structure of the home. Some other areas that might allow in pests include cracks around windows and any openings where vents and pipes lead into or out of the home.

Remove Their Food and Water Sources
The three things that these animals search for are food, water, and shelter. Even if you seal off as many access points as you can, there is still a chance that these critters will find their way into your home. Families should refrigerate as much food as possible, take out the trash regularly, and never leave food out overnight. Homeowners should also inspect their property for any water sources such as moisture around water heaters and standing water near the foundation of a home.


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