Keeping You Safe, One Pest at a Time

Pests, no matter what they are, can ruin a homeowner’s quality of life. Generally speaking, vermin infestations can potentially cause health hazards and can even compromise parts of a house. Fortunately, homeowners can employ an experienced exterminator like Liberty Pest Management to deal with Fort Wayne’s nasty critters and invaders. The following is a list of pests that we handle:

Ants – Ants, like termites, can cause structural damage to your home as well as cause harm to stored food. Infestations can occur from inside and outside the residence, so identifying the source of the ant infestation is crucial.

Roaches – Cockroaches are one of the worst vectors of disease to plague modern families. Very often, the sighting of a single cockroach is already a guarantee that many more are in hiding in the structure. They are attracted to the amount of food easily available in most homes and are often very difficult to eliminate without professional help.

Silverfish – Normally found in dark, moist locations, silverfish survive by eating away at items rich in cellulose such as wallpaper, wood, and clothing. One of the more secretive household pests, it can be difficult to track the level of infestation a residence might have.

Spiders – Despite popular opinion, spiders can be a helpful presence in a home as they help keep the insect population in check. However, because there are several species of spiders that are poisonous to humans, a trained exterminator can help keep your residence safe.

Earwigs – These fast moving bugs are drawn to moist areas with sufficient organic matter that they can use as food. While not exceptionally dangerous, earwigs can cause damage to gardens and other areas as they eat plants, seeds, and other similar items.

Wasps & Hornets – Removing a hornet or wasp nest is a process that should never be done without proper precautionary measures. If you spot a nest on your property, call us to get rid of it for you, safely.

Fleas & Ticks – These are some of the more common problems associated with pets, so make sure that your cats or dogs are free from any infestations using a two prong approach. Working with your vet or animal care expert will help remove fleas and ticks from the pet, but if the home remains untreated, the condition will recur and can cause serious harm to animals and people.

Rodents – Rodents like rats can cause significant damage to your home, to your food, and to the health of everyone on the property. Immediate treatment is the best solution to prevent further damage.

If your home is infested by any of these critters, do not hesitate to hire pest control experts from Liberty Pest Management. We serve the Fort Wayne, South Bend, Indianapolis, and Muncie areas. To learn more about our services, visit our contact us page or give us a call at (260) 557-1150.

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