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Pointers from Exterminators: How to Enjoy a Pest-Free Home this Fall

Pointers from Exterminators: How to Enjoy a Pest-Free Home this Fall

Noticing a single insect or rodent in your home most likely means that an infestation has already taken place. These pests can do an incredible amount of damage in a short period of time, and that is why homeowners should focus on preventing an infestation before they start. Here is a look at some steps that you can take to prevent critters from entering your home and signs that it may be time to contact an experienced exterminator in Fort Wayne for professional services

Inspect Your Property Regularly
The single best thing that homeowners can do to prevent serious infestations is to inspect their property as often as possible. Not only should you be looking for signs of an infestation, but you should also look for any standing water, food sources, and structural issues that will make your home inviting to bugs and rodents. Some issues that you should keep an eye out for include dark smears on the ground, droppings, gnaw marks, holes in wood, holes in the ground, and damaged food packages.

Seal Off Entry Points
The first suggestion that many Fort Wayne exterminators will make is to seal off entry points so pests cannot enter the home at all. This can typically be done with clear sealant or caulking and should take no more than a few hours to complete. The most important area to inspect is where the foundation meets the structure of the home. Some other areas that might allow in pests include cracks around windows and any openings where vents and pipes lead into or out of the home.

Remove Their Food and Water Sources
The three things that these animals search for are food, water, and shelter. Even if you seal off as many access points as you can, there is still a chance that these critters will find their way into your home. Families should refrigerate as much food as possible, take out the trash regularly, and never leave food out overnight. Homeowners should also inspect their property for any water sources such as moisture around water heaters and standing water near the foundation of a home.


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Top 3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Pest Control Service Provider

Top 3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Pest Control Service Provider

If you need professional pest control in Fort Wayne, you are not alone. Pests that range from ants and roaches to bed bugs, termites, and rodents are all common in the local area. You may have spotted a couple of critters, or you may be dealing with a full infestation. Finding the best pest control service in Fort Wayne may be at the top of your list of things to do, but you may not be sure what to look for in the best pest control company. These are the top things to consider as you make your decision about which company to hire.

The Services You Need
The best pest control company is one that offers the full range of services you need. If you are dealing with an active infestation, the company should eradicate the pests from the home and take steps to prevent them from returning. Ongoing service plans may also be used to prevent other pest issues from developing.

Consider how the eradication process will be completed, such as with in-home fumigation, traps or other methods. Many homeowners prefer natural eradication methods that are safer for pets and family members.

Effective Long-Term Pest Control Plans 
Pest control is not accomplished with a one-time treatment. An initial treatment or two may be enough to eliminate a current infestation, but on-going treatment is needed to keep the pests from returning. The best company to use for pest control is one that offers effective long-term plans and that will work with you to customize a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

Affordable, Locked-In Rates
Just as other companies will adjust their rates from time to time, the same holds true for pest control companies. You may shop for the best rates on pest control services today, but you also may consider if the company will guarantee the rate for you for a suitable period of time. If you need to sign a long-term contract, see that you have the option to cancel service in case the rate increases or if you find something not to your liking.

Pests are a part of life in the Fort Wayne area, but you do want to keep them off of your property and out of your home. As you search for a pest control company, think about each of these points carefully.


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How Effective Are Modern-Day Eco-Friendly Pest Management Methods?

How Effective Are Modern-Day Eco-Friendly Pest Management Methods?

One of the primary factors to consider when you are searching for effective pest management in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas relates to the type of pesticides that the contractor will be using. Some companies that offer pest management will use harsh and even toxic chemicals that can be deadly for people and pets to be around. Other local pest control companies, such as Liberty Pest Inc., use eco-friendly, natural solutions that are safe for animals and people to be exposed to.  

The Dangers of Some Pesticides
Professional pest control companies use various techniques and pesticides to kill pests or to drive them out of your home. Some of these products do more than that, however, and threaten your own health and safety. These pesticides can cause everything from skin and eye irritation to breathing problems, issues with your nervous system and more. Natural pesticides do not have the same health risks as these toxic options, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your kids and pets while pest removal is ongoing.

How Effective Are Natural Solutions ?
While you want your home to be safe for your family and pets, you also need to get rid of pests and certain insects. After all, pests can carry diseases, bite or sting you, cause property damage, and wreak all sorts of negative effects that you want to avoid. There are many different types of natural pest control solutions that are used by some pest management companies, and these utilize natural yet effective ingredients that can produce the results you desire. You do not have to expose your family and pets to toxic chemicals in order to kill insects and rodents that are in your home or on your property.

While it is common to think that non-toxic, all-natural pest control methods may not be as effective as toxic chemical pesticides, this is not the case. When you review the options and learn more about all-natural pest control solutions, you may find that this is the type of pest control that you want to use for your home.


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