Our Fort Wayne Exterminators Hate Bugs!

The folks at Liberty Pest hate bugs! That’s right. We hate bugs at least as much as you do, and probably more. In fact, that’s the main reason we got into the pest management industry to begin with.

Stephanie Goodman, President of Liberty Pest, is our environmental superstar! She attained a Master’s Degree in biology from Purdue, with a minor in chemistry and environmental management. She is also a certified drinking water operator and has her pesticide applicator license. Stephanie has been involved in environmental management for over 17 years.

Going Green

Before starting Liberty Pest we surveyed the industry to determine the most effective ways to manage pests. We found that many of the products and techniques commonly used in the pest control industry were popular decades ago, and surprisingly many of those practices are still in common use today.

A thorough, scientific study of the pest control industry has taught us that there’s a better way – a greener way – to manage pests without harming people and animals. And the most interesting thing we found out about going green is that it’s BETTER at controlling pests than traditional means. Meaning our green methods are more effective at eradicating pests than the old hardball chemical-overload methods.

Why Use Liberty Pest?

Simple. If you care about the environment – and your Fort Wayne household – you should consider using the eco-friendly folks at Liberty Pest. Striving to be more than your regular termite exterminator, of course we’re not just concerned with the general environment. We are more concerned about your family – you, your kids and your pets – than anything else. In fact, we treat our customers’ homes just like we would treat our own.

You Come First

We wouldn’t introduce harmful chemicals or dangerous procedures to treat termites and other pests in our own homes, and we absolutely will not introduce them into your Fort Wayne home either. If you want a pest-free home and you’re concerned about the safety of your family and pets, Liberty Pest can help. Aiming to be an exterminator that only adheres to ethical means, Liberty Pest uses only the latest eco-friendly ‘Green’ pest treatments that eliminate the problems of spiders, ants, wasps, hornets, silver fish, pill bugs and cockroaches without any harmful effects on your family.

Get Started Now!

We service areas in Fort Wayne, South Bend, Indianapolis and Muncie. Find out how Liberty Pest can be your new preferred termite exterminator and rid your home, office, boat, or lakeside cottage of nature’s most annoying pests. Call today (260) 557-1150 for more information. Our friendly staff is always happy to help.